Two Interesting Treehugger Posts

From Treehugger, the star of environmental news blogs, come two interesting posts:

1. Think climate change is bad? What if it caused giant ice balls to fall from the sky? Sounds fishy to me, but wouldn’t that be scary? Something that could rip through your roof and kill you right now, getting more frequent? Ick. Scary indeed. Oh, and they’re called megacryometeors. That means huge chunks of ice falling from the sky, if you were wondering.

2. I’m getting vibes of greenification from the government these days, and I’m not sure whether that’s good or bad (bad because it ups their chances of keeping power). But the US Department of Energy just released a report saying that there is enough potential for wind energy off the US’s coasts to equal the current output of all the power plants in the country. That’s cool. Could we build lots of wind turbines? Please?

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