Video from GrowSmartRI’s 2020 Smart Growth Award for Great Streets Initiative which I managed under Special Projects Director Martina Haggerty & Mayor Jorge O. Elorza.

I am a data nerd and a policy wonk. I work for the City of Providence, Rhode Island as an urban planner focusing on bicycling and walking. I was project manager for the Great Streets Plan, released in January 2020, which won awards for both planning and implementation.

I also crafted Providence’s micromobility policy, integrating innovative equity provisions and presenting my mobility data analysis to federal officials and industry leaders.

I love GIS and map design. I listen to policy and politics podcasts (especially David Roberts, Crooked Media, Ezra Klein). In what spare time I had before my preschooler was born (and now several years later maybe again?) I enjoyed singing “trad” songs with friends, playing board games, and making things (wood, digital, other crafts).