Green Links (and I don’t mean a golf course)

Here are the heretofor unpublished contents of my “Green” bookmarks subfolder:

Eco: Being Conscious, an environmental blog rather like mine except better.

MetaEfficient, a review site of efficient consumer products, including time-efficient ones.

Triple Pundit, a blog about green economics, a fusion that I think is very important, because corporations don’t want to change their ways unless it’s economically advantageous to do so. We need to be well-versed in economics to move things in that direction.

WorldChanging, an amazing blog, subtitled “another world is here”. Updated several times a day, lots of interesting info about all sorts of new-green-ism (PS: I think there should be a new political party called the New Greens).

Grist Magazine is a great online magazine featuring environmental news served ina humorous light. I haven’t explored it fully, but it looks phenomenal.

The Eco Street Blog is another great blog of the same genre as a lot of these others, I like the clean web design. It’s updated about once daily or so.

Groovy Green reminds me of Ideal Bite: a cool, youth-oriented green news and tips site(or at least oriented at someone who buys into our youth-worshiping culture).

Zerofootprint: Connecting people who care about the environment. Y’know, I was going to say “nuff said” right there, but I just looked at it like a responsible person (ew, responsible?) and saw that it actually may be the most amazing of any of the sites I’m listing here. That is for the simple reason that it combines some of the major categories of site (products, news, etc.) and adds an events calendar into the mix, and this is all on one website. Totally awesome.

New American Dream is another great eco-action and -empowerment site. Three goals it seeks to help you with: Live Consciously, Buy Wisely, and Make a Difference. I think that’s probably in the right direction…

Okay, that’s it for now. Sorry for the longish post, hope you enjoy those links.

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