A Few Hugg Links

I’m sorry, every time I read or write “Hugg“, I think of cuddly teddy bears. But anyways, there were a bunch of great links there tonight (I think the site is getting more popular, i.e. the number of “huggs” on each story is going up). Here they are:

Forbes Magazine has just listed the “least green” vehicles on the market for the first time. Surprise surprise, SUVs and pickups are at the top of the list, and also surprise, Ford is quite prevalent on this list despite its professions of greenness. It’s good to have such information at one’s fingertips.

In Scotland, there’s a new proposal for changes to the planning rules that would require all new buildings to generate on-site 10% of their energy via renewable sources. Go Scotland! from Sustainablog (who, if it were a competition, would have me totally beat).

I reeeeeeaaaalllllllly want a SmartCar. I think they’re amazing. And now, you can get electric ones too! I don’t know the numbers, but were they really that inefficient in the first place? Now we just need to find some way to get them on the market over here…

That’s it for now. Dream green.

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