America: Day 10 – Internet Drought Begins

Today I embark on a week with no internet. That is frightening for me; the web is like an extension of my brain and how I keep in touch with all my friends. However, I’ll be with my wonderful friend Eliot and his sister Alysoun all week, hopefully having a blast in the wilderness of western Montana. The town of Heron, where she lives, is right next to the Idaho border, smack-dab in the middle of Kaniksu National Forest. Alysoun apparently enjoys whitewater rafting, and I can only imagine the powerful, roaring opportunities there will be for us to join her in that endeavor. I’m slightly quaking in my shoes. But it’ll be fine, and I will have experiences worth recounting for decades.

But anyways, no internet for me! But lucky for you, I’ve prepared enough blog posts that you won’t have to go a day without perhaps-insightful dispatches from this adventure. Enjoy, and I’ll return to you in a more present fashion in a week!

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