Does that make us Argonauts?

I have spent so much time here in Chicago at the clean and modern tea shop, Argo Tea. It’s a small corporate chain, with about 10 locations in New York and Chicago, slightly more here than New York. I’m not a huge fan of the foodstuffs they sell, but the tea and the atmosphere are very nice. You can get two hours of internet free with any purchase, and for-here mugs get cheap refills. I went twice my first day in Chicago, and Eliot & I came downtown on rainy yesterday with the express purpose of hanging out on our laptops in Argo Tea all day. I must’ve had five cups of green tea, which may have helped my awfully sore throat a little, but certainly made me pleasantly caffeinated.

I’ve recently switched over from being a coffee (mocha) aficionado to a green (especially jasmine) tea drinker. Aside from murmurs that green tea is good for your health, I think the lower caffeine level in it is much better for my digestion than coffee, which had been making me feel icky. Thus, I now get even more excited by tea houses than I do by coffeeshops, which is really saying something. Really, they’re both good, and I’ve decided that aside from some minor sightseeing, I want to spend a lot of my time on this trip sitting in these caffeine dispensaries, either on the internet or buried in a book, people-watching and generally relaxing. That is what I like to do. #79: You’re only missing out if you believe you’re missing out. I don’t believe I am. Come join me in a tea shop sometime. Maybe you’ll agree. Life is an adventure, and happiness is what happens when we embark on it together.

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  1. I am a tea only gal. Jasmine is my favorite… there is another fine green tea that we can talk about at length when I see you next

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