America: Day 3

Today was the first ordinary transit day of my trip. The first day of transit, from Brattleboro to New York, was unique because I had been awake for more than 24 hours and slept through most of the ride. Now, after a stay in New York which “refreshing” doesn’t even begin to describe, I have shipped down to Washington. This is the sourthernmost destination on my whole trip. I have been here multiple times before, but I decided to stop here because I continue to feel positively towards this city: it is full of young informed people, it has a good contradance community, and it has a good subway. However, having seen all the major tourist destinations already, and only staying a few days, I have a special priority in this visit. My father grew up in DC, and I’m going to check out the house he lived in. I’ll be investigating my mother’s childhood home when I’m in Pittsburgh, too. These visits are something of a pilgrimage for me, because these places were the formative environment for two of the most influential people in my life. I’m not sure what I’m looking for, but I’m excited to observe the neighborhoods, and hopefully see the houses themselves and talk to their current residents. I will let you know how the visits go after I make them.

I leave DC on Friday afternoon. This trip is overwhelming, but it’s like when you’re playing a game and you know that a lot of the as-yet-unrevealed cards are the kind you want. This trip will be full of interesting encounters and experiences, and while I don’t know what they will all be, or their nature, I know they will happen, and that makes me excited with anticipation.

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