How you could travel and do what you want

I’m on this crazy trip across the country, so reading this article on Get Rich Slowly was really interesting. One part of it that especially resonated for me was the section title “logistics aren’t easy”, because I spend so much time planning where I’m staying and how I’m getting there. The other section I related to was the advice to “Plan in excruciating detail — then throw it out the window” which is a way I’m trying to apply Gretchen Rubin’s “Let It Go” personal commandment. The security of having plans is great, but willful spontaneity is one of the best recipes for happiness.

There’s also an article on Zen Family Habits today with a simple message: you don’t have to fit to the mold. Do what you want. Live according to you. It’s short and is a great reminder to live the way you feel like living. In my life, I’m applying this today by just lying around most of the day, defying the impulse to go out and do crazy things around New York. There are fun things to do, and maybe we will do some of them later, but for right now, don’t listen to the plentiful advice about what you should do. Do what feels right.

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  1. Thank you for this post Alex! It’s really resonating with me right now- especially the last paragraph about not fitting the mold and living according to yourself, not determining your life path according to what others think you should do or expect you to do. Thank you! I liked the article from zen family a great deal too. Hope you’re having wonderful adventures!! Have fun! Take care! ~Kiera

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