London: a city of many tourists

Friday I did so much. It may have been one of the longest, most packed days of my life. Arrived, saw lots of stuff, met some cool people, went out to dinner, and that’s even before the most significant event of the day, which you won’t read about til next post.

So, my train got in around 7am, and it was still dark as I started my trek from the deserted Euston Station to Bethany’s area off Edgware Road. It wasn’t that long a walk, less than half an hour. I saw the BT(N) Tower, of V for Vendetta fame, took a picture of it. Lots of pictures this day.

I arrived at Bethany’s flat, and all her flatmates were asleep, having just been in a show the previous night. Bethany had a different schedule, being only a half-year-er, and had to get up and leave for class. I had breakfast with her, then walked with her to class through Regent’s Park. While she was at her first class, I went down to a nearby tube station, bought my travelcards for the two days of my stay, then hopped on the tube and headed to Victoria Station. I went and saw Buckingham Palace, and all the tourists there-around. I also saw what would have been the changing of the guards, had it been happening that day. Regardless, I saw the guards, and saw them march back and forth a little bit on the hour. Then it was time to head back and meet Bethany for lunch.

We went to a nice inexpensive Thai place in Camden Town, then walked around Camden Town for a while, looking at the open-air markets. Lots of lovely witty t-shirts, lots of jewelery, and lots and lots of fashionable clothes. Also some artsy stuff, some goth stuff, every stitch of everything likely very expensive. Didn’t even seriously cross my mind to actually buy anything. Nice shopping area though. Bethany went back to class, and I embarked on my super-tourist tour of amazingness.

So, in order, I hit: Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the Millenium Bridge, the Globe Theatre, the Tate Modern, the Houses of Parliament/Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, and Piccadilly Circus. Took pictures in every place, will upload them with all the rest soon. Dontcha worry, you’ll get your pictures. After having walked and undergrounded all day, I went back to Bethany’s flat at 4. I met some of her friends, and then we went to dinner. Her friends Tommy and Dan are really nice, Dan especially is hilarious. We went to an Italian place, and then headed back to the flat. We played a game on the way back that’s a lot like Apples to Apples, except everyone just makes up the things they say, instead of having cards to pick from. So, there’s an element of word association in it too. Lots of fun.

So. Back at the flat, I met most of the rest of Bethany’s friends. Then Bethany and I went back to her room. Then the world shifted.

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