Don’t want to skip a few days, no matter the reason…

Here’s the rest of my week pre-London. Arthur’s Seat at night…oh, and then basically prep for the trip. Short entry.

So. Wednesday night I met Bria to hike up Arthur’s Seat. We did. It wasn’t that dark; there was a near-full moon and all the lights from the city reflect off the clouds anyway. Because of those two reasons, apparently it’s never too dark to climb. We made it to the top, and it wasn’t all that windy, although it got increasingly so over our time at the top. We stood and sat around at the summit for a while, looking at the view and talking about linguistics. We went to the two lesser peaks of Arthur’s Seat as well as the summit. Then we came back down, and as I was hungry and we were mid-conversation, I kept walking with her. I got chips at a place up near school, and we went back to her flat and I ate them (she had a few). Yum. Then her roommate came home, and started preparing food for herself. Then, for no ready reason, they started heaping food onto me. Cheese (and crackers and bread to go with it), a mince pie, and a piece of quorn (chicken substitute that’s actually pretty good–I hadn’t heard of it before, have you?). I was completely stuffed by the time I left rather late.

Thursday morning I got up super late (2ish) and just spent the day getting ready for my trip. Found out Bethany’s tube station from her, confirmed plans to meet up with my cousin Jen, and packed. Around 11pm I headed over to Waverley Station for my sleeper train. I made it to the train just fine, and it was another unexciting train ride. I slept about 5 hours in about 3 segments throughout the trip, which wasn’t bad. Next: London on Friday pre-catastrophe

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