What’s that building called? Google results are a bad proxy for colloquial names

The most prominent building on Providence’s skyline has many names. I tested out a few of them to see which versions had the most Google Search results:

Search term Google results (K)
“industrial trust building” providence 204
“fleet bank building” providence 111
“industrial trust tower” providence 75.3
“111 westminster street” providence 47.8
“industrial trust company building” providence 43.5
“fleet building” providence 41.9
“superman building” providence 7.75
“fleet tower” providence 0.204
“fleet bank tower” providence 0.008

So the winner is “Industrial Trust Building”. That matches my perception of what the most official name is. But in my three months of experience in Providence, most people call it the “Superman Building“.

In conclusion: Google Search results are a better proxy for something’s official name than its colloquial name. You’re welcome.