Summer Project (Probably)

I want to build

a platform. Not a deck;

this isn’t attached to the house.

It will be out in the swampy part

of the yard, under the spruces.


Sitting on it in the summer,

the fireflies will blink

silently as the crickets help out

with music for the darkness.


When the water is high,

it will be an island,

strewn with stray leaves

and twigs stripped

off the trees by the wind.


It will be a destination, a retreat

where there was only tangled mire.

The water will still be there,

but with a stationary barge hovering

just above the surface.


This oasis is a mirage,

imagined until the day

that I wrestle it into reality.

That day could be soon.


Today, though, I will sit

on the patio and watch the pines

sway and the clouds

move across the darkening blue

between the trees.

I will build it tomorrow.