Priorities and lists

Since I’m leaving my job¬†soon, I’m in the midst of evaluating what I want to do next. That means thinking about what Jobs I would like, but even more fun, it involves thinking about what I want to do with the free time that I will have when not spending 16 hours a day in work mode!

To the rescue: lists. Blank piece of paper, brain, and pen. Here are what I identified as my priorities:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Playing music
  • Running/exercise
  • Cooking
  • Spending time in cafes
  • Playing games
  • Eating
  • Seeing friends
  • Movies/TV
  • Cleaning/house projects
  • Learning online skills
  • Computer mapping

It can be helpful making lists like this. Because of this one, I started weeding internet time-sucks out of my life. Facebook is great, but I spend to long scrolling through my news feed. So I decided to do less of that. It feels great! I’ve been really into decluttering in the past, and it’s so nice to return to that!