I write this from an Amtrak train, on my smartphone. I haven’t been on Amtrak since my cross-country train adventure almost two years ago. When I walked into the train a few moments ago, it evoked memories of all the amazing experiences I had then. But this time, I’m not getting off in Sandpoint, ID or Pittsburgh, PA, but in Dover, NH, where I’m going to my childhood friend’s bachelor party. This isn’t your stereotypical bachelor party; it consists of disc golf, dinner at a nice restaurant, and then a rousing game of dungeons and dragons. Tomorrow, it’s off to western Mass. I’ll be there most of the time at least through the month of May, because I’ve now finished grad school and have been elected to town meeting in Amherst. I’m also applying to jobs that would allow me to stay there. While my girlfriend Nicole is still finishing up classes for her art education masters and consequently I’ll be visiting her in Boston throughout the summer, Amherst is where I want to be.

It’s strange going through these transition periods! Just one week ago, I was finishing up both my classes and my two internships, at the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations and the Downtown Boston Business Improvement District. Those experiences were great, but they both felt like I was working on someone else’s projects. Working at a real job in Amherst will give me more of a feeling of ownership of my work.

Transition times are usually bumpy, but I feel like the hardest part is behind me now. The next stage will surely be challenging in its own way, but that’s a good thing. Keeps you on your toes, keeps you sharp, reminds you to enjoy the parts that are relaxing. Just like this train, life just keeps on moving forward, and the best we can do is make the most of the ride and enjoy it.

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