Wholesome groceries

Today I went grocery shopping and it felt great. Here’s why.

  • I used my roommate’s bike, which has panniers, and it feels great carrying things in panniers.
  • First I went to Shaw’s and got cereal, eggs, olive oil, and red peppers. All organic.
  • Then I went to the Davis Square farmers’ market, and got apples, garlic, kale, and one giant sweet potato. By this point the panniers were very full.
  • Then, as there was one more thing on my list, I went across the Square to Dave’s Fresh Pasta, and got two jars of honey, one with a honeycomb inside.
  • I biked home, and had plenty of time to put everything away and grab a bite before heading off to my next commitment.

It feels great buying healthy food, buying food from farmers, and using a bike to transport it. Here’s to many similar expeditions.

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