Strangest Dream

Last night I woke up around 6am from a dream, and wrote it down in my notebook. Here’s how it went:

I was in a concrete parking garage at night with a girl from my acapella group whom I haven’t seen since 2007, as well as two contradancers, both of whom I respect a lot, but neither of whom played prominently in the dream. The acapella girl’s name is Alex, but because that would be confusing, I’ll call her Pat. At the beginning of the dream, Pat was commenting on the fact that I did not, in fact, carry a switchblade-like weapon. This was apparently surprising. She then proceeded to tell me about how it’s useful to have female friends charge at a person who’s mugging you, because apparently it will scare of the mugger.

At this point the strange things started happening. We noticed to our dismay that the moon was going away. It was at once getting smaller, then going into the ground. We shouted “grab it before it disappears!” but were unable to do so before it sank into the ground, like a flower bud moving quickly in reverse. Then, Pat and I noticed something else odd over the edge of the garage, on a grassy hillock: a “flaming bunny”. That is how I described it while writing it down, but really it was more a hare than a rabbit, sitting up straight and looking to the left, calmly√ā¬†silhouetted by a small spurt of continuous flame. It seemed very ominous and magical.

Then the moon was back, and this time doing something even scarier. It was moving, quickly, and was distorted in the two cones of double refraction that you sometimes see when a film camera is out of focus and pointed at bright lights. It was as if the physics of the universe was getting distorted. We wondered if the world was going to end, and I remember someone saying, “maybe the membrane [of the Earth, the atmosphere] will survive, maybe it won’t”. Then we all got sucked out into space, and the question was answered. When sucked into space without protection, one hopes that death comes before pain, though that may be unlikely.

Another interesting aspect of this dream was that when it concluded, I knew when it was supposed to have happened: approximately two weeks from now, in mid-April. I hope it wasn’t literal, or even metaphorically prophetic. Luckily, dreams seldom are.

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