Babies and bread

Last night Nicole and I went to the alternative music contradance at the Concord Scout House. It was great, dancing to pop music and calling by Lisa Greenleaf. But the highlight of the night for me was twofold, and revolved around a cute little uncoordinated bundle of cute named Ethan. Ethan is five months old. This was one of (if not the) first times his parents (Melissa & Robert) had brought him to the Scout House. It was wonderful to see them again, and to finally meet the little bugger whom I’d seen pictures of on Facebook. During one dance, Nicole and I were sitting out on the steps up to the stage, where little Ethan was sitting, asleep, with headphones on to keep out the loudness of the room. But it wasn’t enough, and he awoke, bawling his little eyes out. Lisa said from the mic “paging Robert and Melissa…”, and I spotted them, dancing together, in the middle of the middle set, looking to see what the matter was. I immediately sprung into the hall and took Robert’s place in the dance so that he could go comfort the distressed infant. When Melissa & I got to the top of the set, we dropped out too, and she joined in the calming efforts. The efforts were successful, but at the break, some new friends of mine who’d apparently babysat Ethan a lot already offered to take him home with them right then, so Melissa & Robert could enjoy the rest of the dance. Turns out they were going our way, so we joined them (we were pretty tired). What unfolded was a fascinating twenty minute car ride, Ethan screaming his little lungs out the whole way. It was fascinating because we would try all these things, but he just would not stop crying. But because he was so adorable, we didn’t really mind that much.

Today, I made bread. I’ve made scones and cranberry bread before many times, but this was my first time making real bread, with yeast. It went well! One loaf tore a little bit coming out of the pan, but it’s still good, and the other one looks perfect too. The texture is great, and the flavor reminds me of my dad’s bread (where the recipe comes from). Here’s to further adventures in food creation!

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