Winter in New York City

Today brought the second iconic experience of my three weeks in New York City this winter.

The first experience was staying up until 3:30am on the Solstice to watch the total lunar eclipse. It was late, my friends and I were all grumpy, but we saw it.

Today, I went with Nicole to play in the snow at Riverside Park. We walked through the foot-deep snow and bitter wind, past multiple hills crawling with sled-borne children. We met Nicole’s friend Mark near the steepest of the sledding hills, and after rolling around in the snow for a bit like puppies, decided to find sleds and descend the hill. We found two cracked disc sleds and one cardboard box, and all made single plunges down the child-bestrewn hillside. We then walked back to Nicole’s house to play a few games of Settlers of Catan. It snowed, we braved it, and now it is truly winter.

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