Weddings and new friends

Yesterday I went to the wedding of one of my best friends from high school. It was mildly hectic, but went off without a snag and was calm and fun. It was held at the Denver Zoo, where after the ceremony the wedding party and guests rode on a merry-go-round. Late into the night after everyone had gone home, the bridesmaids and groomsmen and a few other relevant young people stayed up talking and chilling in one of our hotel rooms. It was lovely.

First of all, this is the first close friend of mine whose wedding I’ve been to. It is strange. While I know that I’m entering into the time of life where weddings are not uncommon, it’s still new and bizarre. It just feels like we’re too young for this stuff! It feels like we shouldn’t be playing at being adults; that we might get in trouble if someone finds out! I certainly think this couple whose nuptials I witnessed yesterday is very well-suited for each other and totally at the right stage to get married, but…peers of mine getting married still feels weird. Presumably this is something I will get used to as time goes on.

And while weddings are certainly all different, one of the things about this wedding I enjoyed the most was meeting all these other young people who know the bride or groom. We had this totally comfortable point of commonality in our knowledge of the couple, and upon conversation we found many more similarities. Of course, this is how meeting new people always works, but it just felt really fulfilling yesterday. I hope at my own eventual wedding, attendees experience that same joy.

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