Aha! I found what makes me stressed & angry!

So, I was going to leave the Bay Area yesterday and arrive in Denver tonight. Unfortunately, I made the stupid mistake of incorrectly transcribing the departure time, so I missed my train. I re-booked it for today, but now I’ll be rushed at the arrival end, and I had to pay $38 for the new reservation. But it’s not the money that makes me angry. It’s that I could have made yesterday’s train, and instead now I have to change plans at the last minute on both my Berkeley hosts and my friend who’s getting married on Saturday. I get stressed and angry when I make a big mistake like this. And being stressed out is tiring! After resolving everything last night, I felt just totally wiped.

It sucks making mistakes and getting angry at yourself, but I suppose it’s good to know what makes you angry, and it’s also better to be temporarily angry at yourself than it is to have other people be your primary source of anger. Hope your day goes more according to plan than this.

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