Inexplicable Serenity

Let me tell you about my day yesterday. In the morning, as blogged, I had three tasks to finish, but only managed one of them. I also stepped on a small piece of glass in the morning which amazingly cut through my callus and was hurting all day. I waited for the bus downtown for about twenty minutes, all the time feeling like I could be back getting stuff done. Then I met my friend downtown, went to Powell’s, walked around and talked, got lunch, and got amazing truffles at Moonstruck Chocolate (I highly recommend the Ocumarian Truffle, the Sea Salt Cajeta Caramel, and the Cookies & Cream Cone if you’re ever in Portland). I went on an adventure for stamps (I wish more people working at convenience stores said “Good luck on your adventure!” as you were leaving) then took the bus home with a brief stop at the grocery store.

No doubt the pleasant feeling in my tummy helped, but the best part of my day was actually the short walk from the bus stop back to my hosts’ house. I walked along the sloped street, quietly munching on a pear. The temperature and weather were absolutely sublime. I looked out between houses at the pre-dusk vista of mountains and well-constrained suburbs. And there, as if it were waving hello, sat Mount Hood, completely cloaked in snow. Entirely and emphatically visible. I walked very slowly, occasionally stopping completely as it came back into view between houses. By the time I reached the house, I felt totally calm, fantastically content, and at peace with the world.

Frequently amazing experiences flow over us, and though we feel like they should be affecting us more profoundly, all we can feel is, “oh, that’s nice.” But occasionally a confluence of natural beauty, inner preparedness, and sheer serendipity can cause a truly wonderful feeling of serenity in us, and I had one of those moments yesterday. I wish the same upon you in the near future.

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