Ruthlessly say no to to-do items

Today I’m feeling exceedingly unproductive. I’ve gone over my to-do list several times, but I just don’t feel like doing the things on it. I’ve decided that that’s okay. This is related to the One Thing strategy for dealing with overwhelming to-do lists, except it allows for avoiding your responsibilities entirely (as long as they’re not that urgent). Our lives are filled with urgent tasks. When you have the luxury of a not-urgent spate of things to do, take the opportunity to indulge in some procrastination. Read a book. Play some music. Work on a puzzle. Am I merely justifying how I spent my day today? Perhaps. But maybe it’s legitimate, too! Give it a try next time you have the chance, and let me know whether or not you think I’m full of shit.

“Life moves pretty fast. You don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”
Ferriss Bueller’s Day Off

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