The Symmetry of Travel

On Wednesday morning, I arrived in Seattle from elsewhere (Idaho). After a short wait (two hours) I took the bus up to Bellingham, specifically Fairhaven, where the Amtrak station is. I walked from the station to central Fairhaven village and went to a shop next to the village green (Colophon Cafe). Then I caught the bus to downtown Bellingham, where I got a ride from my friend’s mom from her meeting to their house, up the road in Ferndale.

I spent the night there, and then did everything in reverse.

I got a ride with my friend’s mom from Ferndale to Bellingham, where she had a meeting. I caught the bus from downtown Bellingham to Fairhaven village. There I spent a while in a shop next to the village green (Village Books). I walked from there to the Amtrak station. I got on the Amtrak bus and arrive in Seattle. After a short wait (one hour) I left the city for elsewhere (Burien, the suburb where another friend lives). I arrived Thursday evening.

A lot of travel can be like this, especially short visits like the ones I’m making. Symmetry is aesthetically appealing, so at times like these I take notice of them and marvel at them as I would at a work of art. Speaking of art, tomorrow I will tell you about all the art I saw in this brief preliminary Seattle area visit.

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