What you do with your day, and when you do it

We all have different areas of (and levels of) productivity throughout the day. Some times of day are more creative, some times are more suited to taking in information, and some times of day aren’t good for much of anything. And I know my days undulate in this regard. But generally speaking, the morning and afternoon are times when I am more suited to being productive reading things in front of a computer, and the afternoon and evening are times when I’m better at social things or going out. I imagine going to classes will fit pretty well into my morning routine when those start up for me in the fall, because during class in college, my energy was in the right place most of the time. And I imagine because so much reading will be necessary, that will take on the characteristics of the reading I did in high school for pleasure: it will happen thoroughly at all times of day and night, sometimes in short segments and sometimes in long segments.

This is just a realization that I had about myself. What are your comfortable work timezones? Do you perceive a similar molding of your energy levels to necessity?

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