Trees and Shopping

Next time you are hanging out with me, know that I enjoy time spent hanging out in trees more than I enjoy time spent shopping.

I went to Salvation Army yesterday and bought some clothes. I went by myself, and was done rather quickly. I was planning on taking the bus home, but because I missed one bus by several minutes and the summer schedule has about an hour wait between, I walked home on the bike path. The shade provided by the trees shrouding the path made the temperature perfect. I cleared a few small branches left on the bike path by the storm.

Later in the day, I hung out with some friends from high school. We went into Northampton, and they strolled around shopping while I tagged along. I enjoyed hanging out with them, but after a while, I usually tire of consumerism. So I left one store and climbed the tree right outside it. That was a much preferable location.

Next time I see you, if we have the option of looking at things in a store or climbing a tree, may I suggest that we consider the latter option?

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