Pride in a friend’s spontaneity

I just have to relate to you this story that my friend just told me about what she did yesterday afternoon. She went to Harvard Square to buy something, but couldn’t for whatever reason. Instead, she decided to sit on Cambridge Common and read for a bit. But after a little while, people started to gather and play games near her, and they invited her to participate. So she played games (all sorts of games, from tag to bananagrams to improv games) with them for several hours! And then to cap it all off, she then saw her cousins morris dancing close enough by for her to watch while she played games! How serendipitous.

Put it on your agenda: reading in public spaces and being open to joining other people’s fun is a great way to enjoy fabulous weather. Or you could organize such games yourself, and invite folks who you see reading nearby!

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  1. This is super awesome Alex! It’s a good reminder why spontaneity and joining in can be so rewarding. In fact, I think this post has quite inspired me to take to reading in public places more often… you never know what might happen or what new friends you might make. Thanks for sharing! ~Kiera

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