Television, the drug

My day was consumed yesterday by my burning need to watch Tuesday’s episode of Lost. As I was walking around Somerville, Cambridge, and Arlington impatiently searching for an internet connection strong enough and reliable enough on which to watch this episode, I realized how similar this urge is to the desperate urges of a junkie. Television shows are a drug. They can create addictive behavior. I don’t like it.

On the other hand, vibrant stories have been respected methods of entertainment throughout human history. Story-telling is an ancient folk art, and whether it is oral, written, video, musical, or visually artistic, it’s all basically the same thing. So in that way, I feel good about my five-year Lost habit. It’s an intricate, captivating story.

But Lost ends in seventeen days, forever. I am glad of that. It will give me more time and energy for more productive and social pursuits. I look forward to celebrating the end of this era in my life.

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  1. I like this blog post Alex! I’ve thought a lot about this cause I am a big fan of a lot of TV shows (Lost included! There are some GREAT ones out there) and I know what you mean about it becoming like a drug. I, too, have felt that pull, needing my TV fix, using TV as an escape from reality and more productive pursuits when I feel overwhelmed or out of energy. I’ve gone through times where I’ve had the realization that I am more interested in zoning out and watching a show than I am in spending time with friends or family or doing the things I’m always meaning to do (creative things, productive things, etc. As soon as I recognize that, though, I try to make a point to put away my computer and do something in the real world. I want to make sure I am never choosing TV over engaging with the people/pursuits in my life that are important to me.

    It’s definately worth thinking about! and compared to many others, I don’t watch that much TV, only certain shows each week… but it is still fascinating to observe the effect and control that TV can have in ones life.

    On the flip side, it’s true, television is a great story telling medium and is in its own right a valid use of time. I love movies and TV, the characters, stories, new conscepts to explore… LOVE it! But it’s good to be aware of not becoming too involved; to not forming an addiction. There’s most definately a balance to be struck 🙂

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