How to succeed in life without really trying

Some people are just lucky; they always get the big breaks, and they don’t have to work very hard for opportunities to just fall into their lap.

At least, that’s how it seems sometimes, especially when you’re feeling depressed and down on yourself. In reality, everyone who gets offered a cool job or a prestigious opportunity projects a certain persona which is attractive to the people providing those opportunities. This persona is of a productive and creative person who does amazing things, seemingly without effort. Sometimes that image is authentic, sometimes it’s partially fabricated, but either way, it’s largely about self-marketing, and it’s always a lot of effort.

There are several characteristics that lend to a more attractive persona:

  1. A social presentation well-suited to connecting with people. Show an interest in the people you meet, and offer them occasional thoughts connected to their interests.
  2. A compulsion to productivity. Your productivity could manifest in all sorts of way: writing profusely, organizing great events, becoming a great musician, or a great juggler. There are many kinds of productivity, but productivity itself is what you need.
  3. A positive outlook. It’s okay to be cynical; that comes with any awareness of the world’s problems. But balance that cynicism with some optimism. It’ll make people like you a lot more.

It’s not easy. Changing your mental habits is just about the hardest thing there is. But you can do it. Act the way you want to feel. It works. And making yourself into a more successful person might be as simple as those three steps. Why not give it a try?

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