Find your bliss around the edges

Last night I went to the first event for my grad school program at Tufts, in the Department of Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning. The event last night turned out to be constructed as an extended information session for undecided applicants. Since I have already decided to attend, I felt a lot of the main section was talking past me. The information was interesting and reassuring to me, but it was intended to convince, whereas I needed no convincing.

The best part of the evening for me was talking with faculty, current students, and my fellow accepted applicants afterward. I must have hung around in the room for an hour after the end of the event. I made connections with two faculty members, spoke individually with a couple of current students, and chatted at length with a number of my potential classmates. I had a blast.

Even if a situation doesn’t meet your needs as well as you’d like, it’s usually possible to find your bliss around the edges. Connect with people. It’s what we do best as humans.

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