Missouri Senate 2010

In case you don’t pay as close attention to political prognostication as I do, Kit Bond, the Republican senator from Missouri, has announced that he won’t run for reelection in 2010. I don’t know much about Bond’s reputation, but an open seat in one of the purplest states in the nation will certainly make this race front-and-center during this cycle.

Anyway, word is, Secretary of State Robin Carnahan (yes, that Carnahan family) is the leading contender on the Democratic side. There are, however, numerous Republicans in the field and no clear favorite at this point. However, on to the point of this post: today Roll Call reports that one of those Republicans has announced that she’s not running. My thought on reading this was, I wonder if there’s backroom communication going on among Missouri Republicans about who should and shouldn’t run? I suppose it’s pretty certain that’s the case. Sigh. Not that interesting a point, I suppose.

Best quote of this issue, so far, though, is this one regarding Kit Bond from Daily Kos’s Devilstower:

Podiums everywhere will feel safer, knowing that they’re not going to be subject to Bond’s red-faced pounding.

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