10 Reasons to ditch your car

We could all use fewer cars on the road, and most of us could do with a good many fewer hours spent in them. So here it is! From Personal Finance Advice blog, ten mainly financial reasons to adapt your lifestyle to not include that pesky gas-oholic. In summary: no car payment, no car insurance, no pain when gas prices increase, no car repair bills, better health, environmentally friendly, no gym membership, better organization, less stress, a much healthier bank account.

Granted, there are some times when it is very useful to have a car. For example: in bad weather, it is difficult and uncomfortable to walk or bike. When traveling long distances when you’re transporting heavy things, it is much easier to have a car than to take public transportation. If you have a physical disability, perhaps sometimes it is easier to drive.

But most of our lives are not spent in such conditions. Thus, I would put my vote in for carsharing or something similar as the most environmentally friendly option for a reasonably mobile, normal human being. If you want to go farther than that and remove cars from your life entirely, more power to you. It’s just that for most people, that wouldn’t work so well. These are some useful points to consider, though, when trying to make that decision.

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