The first few days afterwards

So, it’s been a few days. Thank you all who wrote offering support. Things are looking that they’re a lot closer to the best possible scenario than the worst possible one; I’m hopeful. Meanwhile, life in Edinburgh descends upon me again like a cloud of mist.

Sunday I did two things of note. I had a long instant messenger conversation with Bethany, which went amazingly well, I thought. She’s still torn up, it seems, and reasonably so, but she’s coping, and it looks like we may be able to remain close to some degree. In the evening, I went to see Children of Men, which was really great, very disturbing and touching. Lots of violence, both normal action movie violence and more realistic and war violence. Also, babies are amazing. That’s the moral of the movie. I enjoyed it. On the way back I called home.

Monday I really did very little. I went to Environment class, and turns out there’s a new lecturer for the second half of the class, a fact I wasn’t aware of. I don’t like the new one (she’s American, now all my professors are) as much as the old one. I spent most of the rest of the day in my room, including a disciplined browsing of Wikipedia, which was good fun.

Tuesday I kinda needed leave my room, because the cleaning lady needed to come and clean. So, I went out with all my class stuff, and made to go to the ISC. I’m going to switch my shift there from Thursdays to Tuesdays at noon, because it gives me a reason to be out of my room for the cleaner. Also, the previous week I had been there then, and met a few nice people, including a Canadian, a few French people, and a girl from Greece. I talked with the latter some more this week; her name’s Dafni and she also spent a long time in Italy, so she’s basically trilingual. That’s a cool thing about the ISC, there are all these people there from all different countries speaking all different languages. I went to class, then after that I walked back to Pollock with my friend Emily, who’s really nice. She’s the one I coincidentally saw in London, and turns out she broke up with her boyfriend there this past weekend too. How odd is that. Before dinner I talked with Bethany a little bit more. We’re just trying to figure out what sort of relationship (small “r”) we’re going to have from now on.

Tuesday night FolkSoc went to Penicuik Folk Club, just down the road about 15 minutes (by car). It was a pretty mellow, song-based session in a room of this hotel bar. It was funny, we sorta went back and forth between a regular starting a tune or a song, and a FolkSocer starting. The guy who seemed to be the leader-ish person of the regulars was actually the father of Paul, our charismatic person. Paul is so cool. He’s so Scottish, and so intelligent (chemistry lecturer), progressive, and funny. In a playful sort of way. But it was a right good time. Although I was falling asleep.

This morning I got up wicked early, breakfast and class. I came back, and have been bopping around my room ever since. Dinner soon. Tonight there’s a big student body meeting, I don’t really feel like going. But I would like to do something. We’ll see.

Hope you all are doing well. I emailed the computer help desk here, and they said to call them: I’ve figured out how to easily upload all my pictures, but unfortunately RESNET (the network) is blocking the program I need. That was the last straw; it’s been blocking loads of programs it shouldn’t. So, as soon as I call them, and get that whole thing sorted out, you should have your pictures. Unfortunately, Jen, the great picture of me pushing the cart at Platform Nine and Three-Quarters was for some reason not on my camera. Maybe the place really is magical. Doesn’t let you take pictures like that of it or something.

Okay. I miss you all. Bye now.

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