Today, Saturday 13.1.07

I’ve been in a really good mood today. I got up at 11ish, and was psyched from then on about going to frisbee at 2. But, apparently I’m such a lame-o face beeswax (aka stupid), that it’s actually tomorrow, on Sunday, and I went out in what became miserable weather for nothing. But I had a nice breakfast with a bunch of Butler people, which included some caffeine in the form of tea, so I’m still in a decent mood. It’s remarkable: at brunch, around noon, the weather was amazing, if a little breezy. Now, and since about 2, it’s dark, drizzly and blowing like it has to get to the arctic circle in 5 minutes. The weather is very fickle, with a probability of some rain and some high winds most every day, it seems. I hear we’re supposed to get snow sometime this week, but I doubt it. It doesn’t usually get below freezing here.

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