Thank you all

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all the love that’s pouring out of the comments and responses here. Especially for the long post mentioning the alcohol problem; it makes me feel so great that you all care so much! You’re all wonderful. I’ve gotten lots of great suggestions, which are echoed on Metafilter discussions here and here. The ideas I like the most so far:

  • club soda/tonic water with lemon: looks like a drink, tastes like yummy
  • a shanty: a half pint in a pint glass, topped off with lemonade
  • say you’re on antibiotics, which don’t mix with alcohol
  • ‘fresh orange and soda, no ice’

I think things are going to be okay. I just need to make some good friends, and then I’ll be peachy. But again, thank you all so much.

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  1. Shandy was a big favorite amongst my classmates when I was in London – although I have to admit, when I went back a number of years later — I couldn’t quite develop a taste for it again (awfully sweet for my taste). Anyway, you certainly have a good number of suggestions — I’m sure all will work out…


  2. Why don’t you just say that you don’t drink ! It’s that easy.
    Or else, the best thing to say is that you’re allergic to alcohol. That’s what I say when I don’t want to drink. But mostly I just don’t drink if I don’t feel like it. Why would it matter to anyone what you do ?
    Back in France I’ve always had friends who didn’t drink and no one ever asked them why. It’s just like that. I think you’re stressing up on something that doesn’t need it.

  3. Normal to be stressed out. My first meal ever abroad I was served a whole fish, bones, eyes, scales, etc. At least it was cooked. The first part of the meal I declined: a plate of radishes with butter. I learned to eat what was on the menu, even if it didn’t seem appealing, unless I planned to go hungry.

    Sorry to hear lunch is not included. I guess that is part of the experience, figuring out how to find nourishment.

    Also, remember that it takes a while to get used to life in a different country, so don’t expect instant adaptation, friends, etc. You are all living through this experience together though, so that will create a bond between you. Please keep your reports coming. I enjoy reading about your adventures.

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