Sorry, got pretty much cut off on that last one. I’ll be moving into university housing on Friday, I think, and shortly thereafter I should have pretty regular internet, and will be able to post more and maybe upload pictures, too! Until then, though, I think I probably won’t post again, just ’cause it’s 70p a minute here, which is cheap, but it’s still something. I’m so glad everyone’s reading the blog, and once I get moved in, I’ll try to keep it regular (via oats, bran flakes…hardi-har-har). One quick teaser: today I almost got blown off Arthur’s Seat (big mountain in the city) while climbing it by myself, but made it to the top anyways. Okay. bye for now.

2 Replies to “Agh”

  1. Hi Alex,
    Wow, adventures galore. Glad you didn’t blow off Arthur’s Seat. What, exactly is that “other” Scottish drink you mentioned?

    I would be interested in what you are observing about cultural differences between the age peers you are meeting in Scotland and your U.S. friends. And differences in attitudes, life experiences and how they live now.

    Keep ’em coming, Alex. They probably won’t charge anything for internet time in the library and computer labs at the U.

    Love, Betsy

  2. Well, glad to see you’re drinking… 😉
    Just kidding Betsy… ;-p.. hehe..
    But you can’t really understand the way Europeens live the alcool issue until you live it with them. Maybe I should say (as it happened to me), it’s hard to understand the way americans view alcool.
    Have you watched the commercials on the telly ? A breast, a butt, it’s all normal over there.

    I hope you have warm clothes cause all this reading is making me cold. 😉

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