Coffee Mugs

Triple Pundit’s new series, “Ask Pablo“, kicks off with a great post about what kind of coffee mug is the best for the environment. He compares stainless steel mugs, ceramic mugs, and styrofoam cups. His conclusion is that due to the material-intensive processing of stainless steel, mugs made of it are only more ecological than styrofoam if you use them more than 369 times. Then there’s ceramic, which is better than styrofoam after only 46 uses. Unfortunately, ceramic mugs are less portable and more fragile. So, if you’re on the go, best use that stainless steel mug for a long time.

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  1. Plus the eco-taxes associated with washing those re-useable mugs (hot water, soap if you use it), and many people rinse out their re-useable mug and then use a paper towel to dry and rub them clean (I am occasionally guilty). This may sound extremist, but drinking black coffee w no sugar is also an eco-factor, since it’s easier to clean your mug! so many things to think about…

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