Plethoric Treehuggs

First, this company, JC Decaux, that apparently owns the advertising on all sorts of public bus shelters etc. around the globe, is trading rent-a-bike programs in cities around Europe in exchange for more advertising contracts. They intend to introduce such programs in about a third of their 1500 cities over the next ten years.

Next, the New York Times has an article about converting diesel vehicles to run on straight vegetable oil. It’s illegal, according to the EPA, but it’s economical and might possibly reduce your environmental footprint. And it also reuses waste, which is something that is good (biomimicry and all that)

Apparently IKEA, the WalMart of the furniture world, is really socially and environmentally responsible. Go figure.

The Bishop of London has said that it’s a sin to unduly contribute to climate change. This is great, I think, because so many people around the world seem to listen to their religious leaders more than nearly anyone else, and if those listened-to people are advocating energy conservation, that might be a good incentive to otherwise obstinant people to do the right thing.

That’s it for now. Slainte.

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