First Post

Welcome all to Dispatches from Life, the fledgling permanent personal blog of myself, Alex Krogh-Grabbe! Believe me, this is quite a celebratory event. The champagne is flowing so freely as I sit hear quietly on the couch in my living room at 9:18pm, the dark Christmas tree beside me and the day’s precipitation well on its way to becoming a crunchy nuisance outside.

But enough frivolity for a second. The purpose of this blog is to provide an outlet for my random spurts of journalistic passion. Someday soon I might have the focus, perseverance, and enough to say about a topic to keep a more interesting blog, but for the time being this will do for something of a slightly more professional LiveJournal. Except, far less angst and far more commentary about Very Serious things. Very, very serious. All the time.

So, I hope you enjoy yourself here. The internet is a dangerous place, and perhaps here you may find some smiles and comfort for a short while. Hope to see you again soon.