White House blog

I’ve been meaning for a while to write a post about how impressive the new White House blog is. Their RSS feed is stylish, their content is neither too long or too short, their tone is very appropriate to the blog medium, and they even post about 6 times every day.

However, their liveblog today of the President’s trip to Canada was an absolute disgrace to the best practices they’ve been demonstrating. It reappeared on my RSS reader every time they made an update, and the updates were widely spaced out. It was just plain annoying. I hope they don’t continue the “live”blogging any more. I have faith. Their jump from inception to sterling blogging practices was nearly instantaneous, leading me to believe the White House bloggers have no problem with a steep learning curve.

While we’re on the subject of blog quality, I am sorely disappointed in Progressive Future’s blog. Progressive Future is the partisan offshoot of U.S. PIRG, which sounds great. Their blog is presented horrifically. The text is all in a block when it reaches my RSS reader, the articles are too long and in too large chunks, they post extremely infrequently, and the blog title comes in all in capital letters. I wish it were better. Maybe when I’m done with this segment of my life I’ll offer my services to whip them into shape if they haven’t been already.

First Post

Welcome all to Dispatches from Life, the fledgling permanent personal blog of myself, Alex Krogh-Grabbe! Believe me, this is quite a celebratory event. The champagne is flowing so freely as I sit hear quietly on the couch in my living room at 9:18pm, the dark Christmas tree beside me and the day’s precipitation well on its way to becoming a crunchy nuisance outside.

But enough frivolity for a second. The purpose of this blog is to provide an outlet for my random spurts of journalistic passion. Someday soon I might have the focus, perseverance, and enough to say about a topic to keep a more interesting blog, but for the time being this will do for something of a slightly more professional LiveJournal. Except, far less angst and far more commentary about Very Serious things. Very, very serious. All the time.

So, I hope you enjoy yourself here. The internet is a dangerous place, and perhaps here you may find some smiles and comfort for a short while. Hope to see you again soon.